Feb 15

The Presidential Noodle Salon

by Hannah Holt »


Give George and Abe a new cut and color in honor of Presidents’ Day with this activity.

What you’ll need:

  • The Washington and Lincoln coloring pages (900 KB pdfs)
  • Uncooked noodles, a variety of shapes and sizes makes this fun
  • White glue
  • Optional- rubbing alcohol and food coloring (see Step 1)

Step 1: If you want to dye your pasta different colors like we did, place the raw noodles in a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and ten drops of food coloring. Let the color set for an hour or more. Then spread the colored noodles on a cookie sheet and let dry.* Follow this link for a more detailed tutorial.

Step 2: Print out the Washington and Lincoln coloring pages. Click on the pictures to download.

Color the Presidents’ faces and clothes.

Step 3: Give each President a new hair style, by gluing pasta to the papers.

Notes: *The dyed pasta is no longer edible.

Feb 06

Homemade Valentines

by Hannah Holt »


Here are six simple Valentine’s Day cards you can make at home. Click the first image (twice) for a printable 8.5×11 jpeg or select the images below to enlarge each individually.

Click the thumbnails twice to enlarge:


Jan 24

Cardboard Tube Beehive

by Hannah Holt »


A dollhouse for fuzzy, faux bees

What you’ll need:

  • one small yellow pom-pom
  • one black pipe-cleaner
  • two wiggly eyes
  • one long cardboard tube, cut into seven pieces or seven empty toilet paper rolls
  • seven pieces of yellow paper (about 7″x 5.5″). The paper should wrap around the roll and extend at least one inch on either side of the cut cardboard tubes.
  • glue

Step 1: Make the bee by wrapping a pipe-cleaner tightly around the center of a pom-pom. Use the excess pipe cleaner to form wings. Glue two wiggly eyes on and set aside to dry.

Step 2: Drizzle glue around the outside of a cardboard tube and place in the middle of a sheet of yellow paper. Wrap the paper around the cardboard tube and push the ends of the paper inside the tube. Repeat for all seven cardboard tubes.

Step 3: Make a stripe of glue down the edge of each card board tube. Press the tubes together in two sets of two and one set of three. Let the glue dry for an hour or so.

Step 4: Glue the stable sets one on top of another into the final beehive shape, like this…


Step 5: Make more bees. Consider cutting out a few paper flowers. Let the bee fun begin…

Optional activity: Make it in pink for Valentines day.

Jan 12

Dinosaur Activity Book

by Hannah Holt »


Five pages of silly rhymes and dinosaur themed coloring, games, and activity pages!

Click here to download the booklet (1 MB pdf file).

My boys have a cautious love of dinosaurs. They can read book after book about dinosaurs, but the animated prehistoric animals at the natural history museum totally freak them out.

Here’s a conversation they had about dinosaurs just this morning

Grant: I like T-rex. He’s big.

Michael: He’s not as big as a brontosaurus. Brontosaurus is the biggest. That makes him king.

Grant: He is not.

Michael: Is too.

Grant: My T-rex is going to eat your brontosaurus.

I think I have some work to do in the dinosaur education department, and this booklet probably won’t help. But I hope you enjoy it all the same?

Dec 12

Christmas Activity Book

by Hannah Holt »

one comment

This book offers Christmas coloring and activity pages with a variety of difficulty levels.

To download click here (2 MB pdf file).

A few possible ways to maximize the fun:

  • Do a page a day starting December 15th and finish on Christmas Day
  • Save the entire book for Christmas Eve
  • Divide and conquer (Let the five-and-under crowd work on the easy pages, while older children work on the moderate to hard pages)
  • Let the kids color while an adult reads the Bible passages aloud

Have a very Merry Christmas!

P.S. For the answer key, click here.