Jan 28

Snatching the Moon

by Hannah Holt »


Yesterday evening felt like spring. The kids and I played in the backyard until the moon came up.

Just before I called everyone inside, my son wanted me to watch him pinch the moon. I caught this picture:

It inspired me to write this…


Last night I stole the moon

and hid it in my pocket.

I found the pathway leading home

and did my best to walk it.


But night was thick about my face.

I stumbled with each try.

So I returned my pocket-moon

to light me from the sky.


Have you ever caught the moon?

Oct 25

Garage Playland

by Hannah Holt »


I live in Oregon. A light rain shower in October can last through July. With winter approaching, I wanted a go-crazy room for the kids. We have a three bedroom house and four children. Extra rooms are in short supply, so we converted part of our garage into an indoor playland. The kids love it. For about the same price as a Children’s Museum membership, I have my own museum. Actually, it’s better than a museum because I don’t have to buckle and unbuckle four car seats to get there. No clickety-click-click-click, only to find out someone left their shoes at home.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Flooring from Rubber Flooring, Inc. With free shipping, their prices can’t be beat. Also the flooring was easy to install. My four-year-old put part of it together.

2. I wanted the toddlers separated from other areas of the garage, so we corralled them with North States plastic play yard fencing. I found mine on craigslist, but you can find the original here. We secured the fencing into place with the help of few 2x4s and screws. (We didn’t make a gate, but my four year-old can climb over the fencing… and the toddlers are stuck until I get them. Bwahahaha!)

3. Then I filled the play space with items I already had on hand. I gave our FisherPrice play structure a good scrubbing and moved it inside (also originally a craigslist find). We selected some of the children’s toys to keep in the garage, and we painted colorful pictures to hang on the walls.

4. Finally we hung berry netting between our car and the play place. Trains occasionally take flight at our house. We didn’t want anything “accidentally” colliding with the car.

The rains have just begun, and it’s already been a life saver!