Feb 01

The Twins

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Dec 30

A Quiet Year

by Hannah Holt »

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I am weeks, perhaps days, away from welcoming twin infants into my family. As such my goals for 2011 are different from years past.

They are:

1) Do less.

2) Pray more.

3) Live in the moment.

Part of doing less includes scaling back my public writing. I’ll still update this blog from time to time, but it will be less frequently. I’ll be back in the full swing of things again in 2012.

In the meantime, I hope your new year brings you success and happiness!

Dec 09


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Today I had one of those nice round numbered birthdays. The passing of another decade makes me thankful…

for freckled skin,

Milan, Berlin,

Off Broadway plays,

warm summer days,

the leaves in fall,

old music halls,

shared wordless looks,

tall stacks of books,

the one who left,

the treble cleft,

dancing alone,

the telephone,

my family,

a framed degree,

my first career,

that crazy year,

“and. oh. my. gosh!

that. guy. named. Josh!”

our wedding bells,

low priced motels,

soft baby’s breath,

comfort at death,

Josh graduates,

our clan moves states,

the nurse says “TWINS,”

my husband grins.

My birthday wish-

more days like this.

Dec 07

Authentic Dialog

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My son Michael* recently turned five. For the past year, I’ve been recording some of our conversations. Here’s sampling of dialog from when he was four years and three months old:

Michael: I had a busy day.

Josh (my husband): Why was it busy?

Michael: I did some very busy things.

Josh: What did you do?

Michael: I lifted some snow.

Me: What did you do after that?

Michael: I cut a piece of paper with scissors.

Me: And what happened next?

Michael: I went to time-out.

Me: Oh, did you play with scissors without asking first?

Josh: That’s exactly what happened.

Me: So what did you do after time-out?

Michael: I got a chance.

Me: You mean you got a second chance?

Michael: Yeah, then I gave Daddy a hug.


On another day, apparently out of the blue…

Michael: How many weeks until we die?

Me: Well, most people live until they are about eighty, and you are only four… So lots and lots and lots of weeks.

Michael: Did we die already?

Me: No… we are still alive, and I love being with you right here on earth.

Michael: I love you too Mom.


During a game of hide-and-go-seek, I heard the boys have this conversation…

Michael (to Grant* my two-year-old): I found you.

Grant: Da.

Michael: Where’s Mommy? Did she disappear?

Grant: (no response)

Michael: Yes, she did disappear! (walking around the house) Mommy, where are you?

Grant: Mommy.

Michael: Oh my gosh! She disappeared. (opening the fridge) She’s not in there (closing the fridge). Hmmmm. (opening the fridge again) Grant, do you want a sandwich?

Grant: Ya!

Michael: Which one do you want?

Grant: Da.

Michael: Just one. Mmmm. This is a good snack.

Grant: Da.

At this point, they had stopped looking for me, so I took the opportunity to sneak up behind them.

Me: What are you doing?

Michael and Grant: AAAAAAh!

Michael (offering me his sandwich): Here mom, I made a snack for you.


Here’s a conversation Josh recorded after I attempted to use Michael as messenger…

Hannah: We only have enough dough for one pizza. Go ask Daddy if he wants an all Hawaiian pizza or a half Hawaiian and half cheese pizza.

Michael: OK!

Michael (now in the office, mostly staring into the corner of the ceiling while talking): Uh, mom…dad [He calls Josh mom a lot on accident]. Do you want a whole pizza… or… or a small or large pizza… or… a large pizza… or half… a cheese sandwhich…. or a small pizza or…. a cheese sandwhich pizza?

Josh: Tell Mommy half and half.

Michael: OK!

Hannah (walking into the office, about 30 seconds later): Just to make sure, do you want a half Hawaiian, half cheese pizza?

Josh: Yes.

(L to R: Grant and Michael)

*Names have been changed to protect their privacy.