Feb 15

The Presidential Noodle Salon

by Hannah Holt »


Give George and Abe a new cut and color in honor of Presidents’ Day with this activity.

What you’ll need:

  • TheĀ Washington andĀ Lincoln coloring pages (900 KB pdfs)
  • Uncooked noodles, a variety of shapes and sizes makes this fun
  • White glue
  • Optional- rubbing alcohol and food coloring (see Step 1)

Step 1: If you want to dye your pasta different colors like we did, place the raw noodles in a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and ten drops of food coloring. Let the color set for an hour or more. Then spread the colored noodles on a cookie sheet and let dry.* Follow this link for a more detailed tutorial.

Step 2: Print out the Washington and Lincoln coloring pages. Click on the pictures to download.

Color the Presidents’ faces and clothes.

Step 3: Give each President a new hair style, by gluing pasta to the papers.

Notes: *The dyed pasta is no longer edible.