Dec 21

Joy in the World

by Hannah Holt »


The day-to-day demands of mothering can be wearying. And this year was a doozy.

One night last spring I sat at my computer searching in frustration for “how long before you don’t need to burp babies anymore” when I came across a mother’s chat board. There were some helpful tips. However, one commenter (happymother214) posted:

Don’t worry about how long you need to burp your baby? Just enjoy this time with your little one. It goes so fast.

Enjoy the moment? Six hours of sleep and showering were the miracles I prayed for daily. I shook my fist at the computer screen.

Yet strangely enough, this year has passed quickly. My babies no longer need me to burp them (although I feel no nostalgia about that). Any day now they will start walking. Soon they’ll pass the threshold from baby to toddler.

So now that I can breath again. Now that I CAN take time to enjoy moments with my children, I put together a short video diary of some of the simple things we do each day:

This Christmas I’m grateful for many things: sleep, showers, the occasional date with my husband… But most importantly I’m grateful for joy: having it, sharing it, and feeling God work in my life.

Dec 12

Christmas Activity Book

by Hannah Holt »

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This book offers Christmas coloring and activity pages with a variety of difficulty levels.

To download click here (2 MB pdf file).

A few possible ways to maximize the fun:

  • Do a page a day starting December 15th and finish on Christmas Day
  • Save the entire book for Christmas Eve
  • Divide and conquer (Let the five-and-under crowd work on the easy pages, while older children work on the moderate to hard pages)
  • Let the kids color while an adult reads the Bible passages aloud

Have a very Merry Christmas!

P.S. For the answer key, click here.

Nov 28

Bejeweled Stars and Moons Snack

by Hannah Holt »


Instead of the traditional orange in your stocking, ask Santa to bring you these tropical treats this year.

What you’ll need:

  • Star Fruit (also called Carambola)
  • Persimmon
  • Pomegranate

(These fruits are usually found next to the Pineapples and other fresh tropical fruits in the produce section.)

Step 1) Gently wash all the fruits.

Step 2) To prepare the star fruit remove ends, thinly slice off the star’s points, and cut crosswise.

Step 3) To prepare the persimmon slice crosswise and remove the skin. (The skin is edible, but it’s a little chewy.)

Step 4) To prepare the pomegranate remove the ends (note: pomegranates will stain wooden cutting boards, so place a paper towel down first).

Score the pomegranate four times along the outer edges.

Place the pomegranate in a bowl of water and break into four pieces, using the score marks as guides.

Separate the pomegranate pulp from the juicy seeds under the water. (This helps eliminate staining from juice squirts and aids separation. The seeds will sink and the pulp will float.)

Drain the seeds and discard pulp.

Step 5) Decorate a plate with stars (star fruit), moons (persimmons), and jewels (pomegranate seeds).

I hope you enjoy this celestial snack!