Nov 15

Nine Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

by Hannah Holt »


Click on the picture (or description below) for instructions.

  1. Painted Plymouth Rocks
  2. Hand Turkeys
  3. Pilgrim Hats
  4. Pine-cone Turkeys
  5. Pilgrim Puppets
  6. Clothespin Turkeys
  7. Paper-leaf Napkin Rings
  8. Tepee Lantern Centerpieces
  9. Bubble-wrap Indian Corn

Nov 08

Thanksgiving Activity Book

by Hannah Holt »

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Nine pages of coloring, games, and fun… Take it on your Thanksgiving road trip, or use it to entertain the munchkins in your predinner crowd. To download click here (2MB pdf file).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Also if you are looking for more tricks and tips for surviving holiday travel with little ones, check out Momsicle’s advice here.

Oct 29

Spider Coloring Page

by Hannah Holt »

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Click here to access the full-size coloring page.

We added wiggly eyes to ours…

Oct 25

Foot Ghosts

by Hannah Holt »


What you’ll need:

  • white paper
  • black crayons
  • scissors

Step 1: Use the crayon to trace your foot.

Step 2: Draw a face on the heal of the traced foot.

Step 3: Cut out the ghost.

Oct 25


by Hannah Holt »

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Easier than carving pumpkins, these simple bag lanterns will light up your Halloween.

What you’ll need:

  • brown paper bag
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • LED tea light
  • tissue paper (optional)

Step 1: Draw a face on the paper bag. Basic shapes are easier to cut with scissors. (An X-acto knife can make more elaborate designs.)

Step 2: Cut out the shapes of the face.

Step 3 (optional): Cut a rectangle out of the tissue paper and glue it inside the bag (such that all the shapes of the face are covered).

Step 4: Turn on the tea light and place it in the bag.

Detailed Shapes (X-acto knife example)

Lay the bag flat on a table and place a piece of cardboard in the middle. Cut around this pattern…

The cutout will look like this (green paper used to highlight design better)…

Place the tea light in the bag. Ta da!