Jun 12

Teacher Gift: Seed Packets, Thanks For Helping Me Grow

by Hannah Holt »


As I wrote on my Facebook Page, my husband broke his back this winter. Fortunately there wasn’t any nerve damage, but having a broken back still isn’t much fun. It will be a few more months before he can do certain things (like running or heavy lifting), but for the most part life is back to normal. He’s is doing much better. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes!

I’m glad I took the time off to take care of him and my family, but I’ve missed blogging. So hello again! I’m super excited for summer. Are you?

I’m kicking off summer with a simple and healthy end of the year teacher gift.

Garden Seeds Teacher Gift

teacher gift seeds

Supply list:

  • a piece of card stock
  • paint: green, red, yellow (I used acrylic)
  • a paint brush
  • a seed packet
  • tape or staples


  1. Paint the message, “Thanks for helping me grow!” or “Thanks for growing with me!” and the flower stem on the paper. Older kids can do this themselves, but younger kids might need a parent’s help.
  2. Let the children finger paint the leaves of the flower and the petals.

teacher gift seeds painting

3. Staple or tape the seed packet to the paper, and have the child sign their name.

teacher gift seeds final

  1. Darlene Beck Jacobson

    This is a great and yet so simple idea. Thanks Hanna!

  2. Darlene Beck Jacobson

    May I use this on my blog with your link to it?

    • Hannah Holt

      Sure thing. Thanks Darlene!

  3. Tina Cho

    Very cute idea, Hannah! I’ll have to try to save to my Pinterest board.