Jun 16

Paper dolls: Congresswomen Make a Law

by Hannah Holt »


A few months ago, I went to pick my girls up from preschool and was stopped at a road block. Police cars and firetrucks surrounded my daughters’ school, and all I could do was pray, “Please, don’t let it be another mass shooting!”

I managed to park my car and run closer to the scene. Fortunately the incident was only a structure fire across the street from the school. No one was harmed and after not too long, I was able to pick up my daughters. However, when I reflect on that day, I can still taste the panic of not knowing whether or not my children were safe.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Orlando victims and their friends and family.

In the wake of this tragedy, I had a dream. It’s not as beautiful or poetic as MLK’s, but it’s a dream nonetheless.

I dream of a world where children play in peace: a world where we don’t need Lock Down Drills in elementary school. I have a dream that semi-automatic weapon won’t be easier to purchase inside the United States than chocolate eggs.*

Image result for kinder eggs

I dream that children can be children for as long as possible, and that they grow up to respect people of different faiths and beliefs. I dream of a world where Republicans and Democrats can put aside their differences to pass sensible gun legislation.

So how can laws be changed? I created a paper doll with some very basic information:

Congresswoman dolls

Here is the pdf.

When I feel overwhelmed about the problems in the world, I think about what I can do. I can vote. I can let my elected official know what is important to me, and I can put as much beauty out there as possible. :) Possibly the best thing I can do is to hold my children close and teach them to be kind. Hopefully their strength and kindness will lead to a better, safer, and more compassionate world tomorrow.

*(Kinder Surprise are chocolates with toys on the inside. In the US, they are illegal because they are considered too dangerous.)

  1. Charlotte Weight

    Great thoughts, Hannah! Maybe someday you will be that congresswoman, Hannah!

    • Hannah Holt

      I prefer making paper dolls. 😉

  2. Tina Cho

    Love your paper dolls and the info they provide, Hannah!