Mar 12

Ladybug Life Cycle

by Hannah Holt »


Weeding my strawberry patch this week, I found someone hibernating among the leaves.

ladybug hibernating


A few days later, I saw this guy getting ready to take flight.

ladybug wing1


ladybug wing2

Beautiful, aren’t they? The waking of ladybugs makes me feel spring is really here.

Did you know ladybugs have four stages to their life cycle just like butterflies? I think the ladybug looks like an alien in its larva stage. What is your favorite phase?

ladybug coloring

Click here to download the ladybug coloring page.

And just for cuteness, here’s a ladybug my daughter drew.

Elenas Drawing

  1. Carrie F

    Cute! I like your coloring page. I wish I had a strawberry patch to weed…

    I got all excited last fall because when we were raking leaves we found a huge pile of slimy eggs underneath the dead leaves. I thought they were salamander eggs (thrilling!) but upon googling realized they were most likely slug eggs (yuck!)

    • Hannah Holt

      Slugs! Ugh. They are everywhere here. I’m waging a losing battle with them.