Oct 08

Preschool Music Crafts

by Hannah Holt »

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Let’s make some noise! Well, okay not too much noise. We all want our ear drums to last a good long time.

These three musical crafts will keep little fingers entertained, and they won’t be too hard on your ears either.

Music Crafts


#1 Rubber-Band Band

Tissue box guitar

Take and empty sandwich, tissue, or cracker box. Any small box will do. If the box doesn’t already have a hole on one side, you might need to cut one. Then place a pencil on one edge of the hole, and wrap a few rubber bands around the box. The pencil acts like a bridge so you can more easily pluck the “strings.” You can glue the pencil in place if you want to be more permanent about the instrument, but the pressure from the rubber bands will also keep it in place. It’s fun to use a few different sized rubber bands because this will produce different pitches.

#2 Paper Plate Tambourine

paper plate tambourine

You’ll need two paper plates, a handful of small noodles (like macaroni), and something to attach the plates together. I used hot glue, but staples or tape would work, too. We drew on our plates before putting them together. It extends the craft and adds that personal touch. :) Shake, shake, shake it!

#3 Plastic Pan Flute


Straw fife


You’ll need about twenty plastic straws, two flat wooden sticks, and hot glue. Lineup all the straws and put hot glue on one of the stick. Press the stick with glue into the straws and let cool. Then glue the second stick on the other side of the straws. Once the glue is dry, cut the straws at an angle, so that they are all different lengths. You play the pan flute by blowing across the tops of the straws. It will make very soft and windy notes as you blow.

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