Sep 11

Rainbow Drums

by Hannah Holt »

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Yesterday, after washing out a couple of milk jugs, we were tapping the jugs together. I thought, this is a pretty good drum, but do you know what would make it even better? PAINT!

Paint in milk jug

We took off the lids and added some cheap acrylic paint. Then we put the lids back on and kept banging and shaking the jugs.

That was fun, but we decided we needed MORE paint and MORE colors.

More paint

Much better!

milk jug paing final

In the end we had two beautiful and unique drums.



My girls loved playing their “rainbow drums.”

If you try it here are a couple of tips:

-This craft will probably work with other types of paints. Just make sure the paint is runny enough to slop around, but not so thin that it won’t stick to the milk jug sides. The cheapest brand of acrylic paint seemed to work perfectly.

-Watch that the kids don’t unscrew the lids. My girls kept trying to add more paint by themselves. If you do this with a group of children, you might want to fill the jugs with paint right before the activity. Then screw the lids on really tight or glue them shut.

-Don’t add so much paint that the colors blend together too quickly. I recommend about 1/8 cup of paint per color. For a more vibrant display of colors, shake in one color at a time and allow drying between.




  1. Gramma Holt

    What fun! So awesome that it is simple, cheap, and recycles.