Apr 01

Egg Carton Seedlings

by Hannah Holt »

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For a while now, I’ve been hoarding egg carton containers.

empty egg carton planters

At first, I thought maybe I’d do a cute spring craft with them. However, then the yard project started, and I realized I need plants. Specifically, lots and lots of thyme.

Instead of grass, we are using thyme as a ground cover for a good portion of our backyard. Thyme needs less water than grass, and it smells great. Win-win. However, it’s a slow grower. So unless I want my yard to remain a dirt bowl this summer…

yard crazy

…I need to get planting. Now. Enter the egg cartons:

egg cartons with dirt

Here are a few tips when using egg cartons as seed starter planters:

  • I recommend cutting slits between the individual cups before putting the dirt in. This makes it easier to separate them as needed later.
  • When starting plants indoors, many need to be hardened before transplanting outdoors.
  • The egg cups won’t hold a very large plant. Check the germination times and recommended outdoor planting season for each type of seed. You don’t want to be growing a sunflower for very long in these little cups.
  • FYI, among other things, we are growing creeping thyme. Most thyme seeds you see in nurseries are culinary thyme. Culinary (or common ) thyme grows 6 inches tall. It’ll still make a good ground cover, but I wanted something walkable. Culinary or common thyme isn’t very walkable. It’s always a good idea to research the mature height of the seeds you plant.

With a little planning, starting from seed can save start up cost and time from your growing season. Happy planting!

egg carton seedlings

  1. grandma weight

    Looks like so much work–but a ton of (rocks) fun!