Feb 04

Where Is Tel Aviv? (And Fractions Of Course!)

by Hannah Holt »

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My blog has been a little quiet lately. Part of the reason for that is my husband is on an extended business trip to Tel Aviv, and I’ve been extra involved with toddler wrangling.

At the beginning of his trip, my kids would ask, “Where is Daddy?”

I would say, “Israel,” and that was good enough for them. End of conversation.

But now they want to know more. Where is Israel? Where exactly in Israel is Daddy? How far away is it?

I would tell them, “Daddy is 6,887 miles away.”

Miles don’t mean much to a six-year-old, so we tired to think about it another way.

Daddy is 371,000 blue whales away or 110 million matchbox cars away or 121,000 soccer fields away.*

The only problem is my six-year-old recognizes numbers like thousand and million, but they are just big numbers…impossibly big numbers. And that makes Daddy feel far away.

When going big doesn’t work, sometimes it helps to think small. So I helped him learn about numbers less than 1–fractions.

Here is the earth:


{one earth}

If you roll it out flat like a map, it looks sort of like this:


If you draw a line down the middle, you would be halfway around the earth.

half earth

{halfway, 1/2, 50%}

You can see that our daddy is not even halfway around the earth. In fact, he would have to travel about three times the distance to Tel Aviv to travel all the way around the earth.

third earth

{one-third, 1/3, 30%}

Compared to the entire distance around the earth, our daddy is not so far away.

*If you want to check my fraction multiplication for the distance between Portland, Oregon and Tel Aviv, Israel in blue whales, soccer fields, and matchbox cars, here is my work:

fraction multiplication final

  1. Aunt Ginger

    While I can appreciate the work that went into figuring out how many whales away Dad is from his kids, I appreciate the fun artwork in the equations even more! Clever!