Jan 14

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Crafts

by Hannah Holt »

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We were washing dishes the other night when my son said…

Him: There’s this song I really like, but I can’t remember all the words.

Me: What do you remember?

Him: Something about…deep in my heart…

Me: We Shall Overcome?

Him: Yes, that’s it. I love that song.

His singing reminded me Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming. We’ve done a few crafts this week to celebrate.

I Have A Dream Self Portraits

I have a dream

Each of the kids drew a self portrait. We cut out the portrait and put it on colored construction paper. Then we glued on cotton balls to make dream clouds.

It was a good chance to talk about Dr. King’s dreams and what dreams my own kids have.

The Q-tip People March on Washington

qtip people

I cut a bunch of Q-tips in half. By mixing small amounts of burnt sienna (brown) and ivory acrylic paint, the kids and I were able to make a variety of skin tones. We dipped their heads in paint for hair and applied eyes using toothpicks.

After the paint dried, we glued the Q-tips to a printout of the Lincoln Memorial. Here’s a blank copy of the Lincoln Memorial just in case you want to make your own march on Washington picture:

March on Washington PDF

March on Washington

(Note: Because of the fine motor skills required for this craft, I recommend it for ages seven and up.)

The best part about these crafts were the conversations I had with my kids. My five-year-old was surprised to learn some people used to not be able to eat at certain restaurants or sit on buses because of the color of their skin. We talked about how unfair that would be and how even today we can find ways to choose more kindness.

We shall overcome hate and hurt with a little more love. Thanks Dr. King!

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