Dec 04

Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House (in Gingerbread)

by Hannah Holt »


If you could make any building from children’s literature out of gingerbread, what would it be?

I would love to make The Plaza Hotel from Elouise or Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. I used to make gingerbread castles, creating full scale models from cardboard and etc (hey, I was a civil engineering major).

But these days, with the kids, my gingerbread creations are more modest. This year I made Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House.

The Little House in Gingerbread

I used the recipe and gingerbread template from Bon App├ętit. This recipe is super-delicious, and it makes enough dough for six small gingerbread houses (like the above) or if you are feeling more ambitious…perhaps, the castle from Journey:

What would you build?

  1. Gramma Holt

    Build? I think I would eat. I love your little house so I would probably build that. I have more of a “cottage mentality”…(smile)

  2. Cathy Mealey

    Adorable! But I think you already know about my love for VLB after my pilgrimage to the Folly Cove exhibit. :-)