Dec 10

Book Review – If You Want to See a Whale

by Hannah Holt »

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Have you ever wanted a Big Improbable Thing? You know, one of those things you can’t control. And yet, you prepare and plan for it anyway. Because should Big Improbable Thing ever happen, you want to be ready.

Char and Elenasmall

{My Improbable Things: Twin A and B.}

That is the heart behind Julie Fogliano’s picture book, If You Want to See a Whale.


In this story, a little boy really, really wants to see a whale. Erin E. Stead’s gorgeous illustrations complement Julie Fogliano’s subtle and enticing text.

This book has an ending that will surprise and delight children. As an adult, I like it because it reminds me that journeys can be just as beautiful as destinations…


…and Big Improbable Things are still possible.

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