Sep 11

Dry-erase Chore Chart

by Hannah Holt »


As you might have noticed, I’m on a dry-erase kick. But this is my easiest dry-erase project yet.

Did you know packaging tape works as a dry-erase surface? I didn’t until I tried it out the other day.

I simply printed out a chore chart for my kids and placed a piece of packaging tape over the areas they needed to check off:

chore chart

I made one for each of my boys. If they get all their chores checked off for the week, we have a special treat on Monday night.

We’ve been doing this for three weeks, and they are now in the “chore routine.” During the first couple of weeks, they forgot a chore once or twice. I let them do double chores the next day to make up for it. Hey, they wanted the treat and I want chores done. Win-win. So far this is working for us.

How do chores work at your house?

  1. Stacy S. Jensen

    We’re not organized on the chores yet. Probably should be. Good idea to just cover up the area whre you want it to be a dry-erase area. :)

  2. Tina Cho

    Ooo, great idea to use packaging tape!! I’m gonna try this, too.

  3. Catherine Johnson

    I have just started chores and since he hates tidying his room I try and get him to do some of my chores :)
    What a super idea, thanks!

  4. Carrie F

    Lots of nagging. Maybe I’ll try the chart!

  5. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Well, I’m in charge of trash… (put trash-bags in trash can in garage. Roll out trash on Tuesday mornings. Put at end of driveway. Come inside house) 😀