Jul 11

UNICEF Paper Dolls

by Hannah Holt »


When I was a kid, I loved comic books. What’s not to like about epic battles between good and evil? Also I might have had a crush on Batman.

But then I got older and realized you don’t need a Lycra outfit or a mask to be a hero. Real heroes simply stand up for the things they believe in, and real heroes show their faces. I still have a soft spot for do-gooders.

So when I received an email from Kate Moore at UNICEF asking if I would make a UNICEF worker for my paper doll series, I jumped at her request.

UNICEF workers help children and their mothers in almost every country.

The hardest part of this project was deciding what UNICEF project to highlight.

Should I cover infant nutrition in Bolivia?

UNICEF Bolivia paper doll

Or increasing vaccination rates in Canada?

Canada paper doll

Or malaria prevention in Nigeria?

UNICEF Nigeria paper doll2

I only had 191 countries to choose from. In the end, UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box project appealed to the teacher in me. It’s an innovative solution to a wide-reaching problem. Here’s the purpose of School-in-a-Box from the UNICEF website:

School-in-a-Box is a portable way to keep kids learning… [and]… education going during times of crisis and conflict, or in the hardest to reach areas.
I love the idea of a portable school for children in need.
Here are the UNICEF worker paper dolls (pdf copies below):

UNICEF School-in-a-Box Paper Dolls Page 1 (pdf file)

Many thanks to Kate for all her help researching this project.
Note: This post is my way of saying thanks to UNICEF. If you feel like saying thanks to UNICEF, you can do so here or here.

  1. grandma weight

    Awesome, Hannah!!

    • Hannah Holt

      Thanks, Grandma Weight.

  2. julie rowan zoch


  3. Gramma Holt

    Ab-so-lute-ly AMAZING! I love this project! I used to do Trick-or-Treat-for-UNICEF when I was a kid. Even when I was 8 years old, I felt like I was doing something important…..once I resolved the inner conflict that I was going to ask for money and wouldn’t get any candy. Thank you for the UNICEF links.

    • Hannah Holt

      Hey, that’s a lot of self sacrifice for an eight-year-old. Good job!

  4. Susanna Leonard Hill

    Another winner, Hannah! These are so amazing! :)

    • Hannah Holt

      Thanks, Susanna.

  5. Tina Cho

    Awesome, once again, Hannah!

  6. Evelyn

    So, so, so, so cool. I feel like this is just the beginning of the amazing work you are going to do. Can I be Robin to your Batman? Or does Robin have to work too much. Maybe I’ll just buy pompoms and be a cheerleader.

    • Hannah Holt

      Just keep suppling me with candied pecans. I need more nuts in my life. :)

  7. Janet Bradshaw

    This is absolutely fabulous! My mother was a UNICEF volunteer for many years (1967-1988) before she became the Executive Director for UNICEF Ontario, Canada in 1988. She remained there until her retirement in 2001 so, needless to say, UNICEF is near & dear to my heart. To see someone doing this to honour Development Workers makes my day. They deserve the recognition for all that they do.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    • Hannah Holt

      Thanks, Janet. That means a lot to me!