Jun 03

Father’s Day Fingerprint Art

by Hannah Holt »


Dad’s big day is coming up. Here are a few simple cards that little fingers can put together.

For the scientific dad, use paint and fingertips to create an atom:

science dad

For the gaming dad:

controller dad

For the musical dad:

Dad Day music card2

For the sporty dad:



Note: To set up these cards I printed the text from a Word Doc. Then I sketched out the fill areas with a ball point pen. Finally, I used finger paint to add color to the cards.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there making a positive difference in the life of children!

A powerful man

  1. Kirsten

    Thank you, Hannah! I was just about to comb the internet for ideas.

    • Hannah Holt

      Glad it came in handy. ‘Tis the season. :)

  2. julie rowan zoch

    These are great – love the homerun image!

  3. grandma weight

    Very cute! I especially like the one with the man on the beach!

    • Hannah Holt

      That man is awfully handsome. 😉

  4. Catherine Johnson

    Very creative- thanks for the ideas!

    • Hannah Holt

      Thanks, Catherine.

  5. Gramma Holt

    These are wonderful~! Like Charlotte, I love that man on the beach.

  6. Susanna Leonard Hill

    What lovely ideas, Hannah! Thank you! :)

  7. Romelle

    Thanks for the ideas! My boys will have fun making the home run dad. I personally like the musical dad and foot ball dad cards.

  8. Tina Cho

    Love them, Hannah, esp the gaming one. BTW, on the musical one you have the “d” actually on the line E.(Just thought you might want to know)

    • Hannah Holt

      Of course! Thanks for the catch. I fixed it. :)

  9. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Awesome! What about the Writer Dad? “You’re story worthy, Dad!” 😀

  10. Evelyn

    Awesome!!! And you put the quote together on the photo at the bottom, didn’t you? You seriously have missed your calling as a graphic designer. That is awesome!

    • Hannah Holt

      And you missed your calling in life as civil engineer! :)

  11. Evelyn

    Saying hi again so that I can get an email for new posts. :)