Jun 20

DIY Magnetic Whiteboard

by Hannah Holt »


music whiteboard

Last week I was giving my older children their piano lesson, and I thought, “I need a dedicated music whiteboard.”

So we all took a trip to the local music store, and I found what I was looking for. Unfortunately they wanted $56 dollars for the musical whiteboard. $56! That just seemed like a ridiculous number to me.

I didn’t buy it. Instead I stopped by a thrift shop on the way home and picked up a cookie sheet to make my own white board. My total cost of materials was around $6.

What you’ll need:

  • a thrift store cookie sheet
  • white contact paper
  • clear cellophane
  • school glue
  • a foam brush
  • a plastic card (like a credit card)

First I cut the contact paper down to the size of my cookie sheet. This was fairly easy as most contact paper has guidelines on the back. Then I placed my contact paper on the cookie sheet and smoothed out any bubbles with the plastic card. (You can also get rid of bubbles by popping the center with a needle).

DIY whiteboard instructions

After I had the contact paper in place, I drew a musical staff with a permanent pen. If you want a regular board, skip this step.

While I let my marker dry, I cut my cellophane to size. I used the left over plastic from the contact paper to match sizes. Then I painted the top of the contact paper with a thin layer of the school glue.

The cellophane went over the top of the glue (again smoothing out any bubbles with the plastic card).

I let the board dry overnight, and it was ready to use by morning.

music whiteboard2


  1. grandma weight

    cool idea! I just threw away the one I used with you kids because it was quite small and had small magnets–which I hear are bad for little kids!

  2. Stacy S. Jensen

    Wonderful project! I love your low-cost solution.

  3. Kirsten

    Brilliant. I think I might make myself a cookie sheet whiteboard for my office. You are so clever, Hannah!

  4. Romelle

    So clever! I’ve aways used printed sheets with lines I typed myself myself. I like your idea better. This is reusable and you save paper. Love it! You have the best ideas, Hannah!

  5. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Cool! I LOVE this idea!

  6. Tina Cho

    So clever! Awesome!

  7. julie rowan zoch

    You’re a genius!

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