Jun 12

DIY Father’s Day Shirt

by Hannah Holt »


Need a last minute Father’s Day gift? Try turning your child’s drawing into a t-shirt for Dad. Here’s how:

Fathers Day Shirt

What you’ll need:

  • a colored t-shirt (we found ours at a thrift shop)
  • a piece of cardboard
  • a washable marker (we used Crayola fine point)
  • a Clorox bleach pen

I put the cardboard between the layers of t-shirt and had my son draw a portrait of my husband on the shirt with a washable marker.

After he was finished, I took the bleach pen and copied over his drawing. I let it set for a few minutes. Then I washed out the bleach (quickly!) in cold water. Finally I ran the T-shirt through a washing machine cycle.

Father day Shirt instructions

The entire process (minus the wash cycle) took all of fifteen minutes. I think my husband will like his new personalized t-shirt. It’s way cooler than a tie.


  1. Gramma Holt

    This is a GREAT idea! Personal, fashionable, cheap, easy, and we know it will be worn everywhere. Thank you, Hannah!

  2. Romelle Broas

    OOH! Love it! Thanks for the idea. I agree that it is better than a tie. My boys will enjoy this project!

  3. julie rowan zoch

    I thought of making a tee too, but shouldn’t it be my teen’s idea by now? lol

  4. Tina Cho

    Love it, Hannah!

  5. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Great idea!