May 24

Pinecone Pets

by Hannah Holt »


The trees in our backyard are dropping pinecones at a dangerous rate. Little pinecone missiles have been falling almost constantly for the past two weeks. Between the pinecone land mines and all the tree sap on our deck, one of these days my toddlers will learn to appreciate shoes.

However, in the meantime, I’ll keep scrubbing their feet each night, and we’ll do pinecone crafts during the day.

We’ve found that you can stack the big female cones almost like LEGOs. You can also add construction paper and turn the cones into silly animals:

bear pinecone

But we probably had the most fun just painting them and adding wiggly eyes.

paintint pinecones

In the end they kind of reminded me of the Yip Martians from Sesame Street:

pine cone pets painted

We put them out in the garden. I wish I could say they were defending us from slugs and snails (they aren’t!). But they are sort of cute.

pine cone pets in garden

I’d better watch myself or I’ll start collecting lawn gnomes and plastic flamingos next. :)

  1. Gramma Holt

    THESE are surprisingly cute! You’re right….they totally take me back to my Sesame Street days. I actually would love to see some of these in with my flowers. Thank you for the smiles today!

  2. grandma weight

    Darling!! I bet the kids had so much fun! Sorry about the sappy feet–ugh!

  3. Romelle

    Me and my boys created pine cone creatures this past winter and had a blast! Love the Yip martians! Forget the plastic flamingos when you can make pine cone flamingos! Lol!

  4. Joanna

    I have never liked craft projects until I started frequenting your and Eric’s blog, now I am sold on ideas like this.

  5. Catherine Johnson

    Very cool!

  6. Tina Cho

    Very cute idea, Hannah! It’s also fun to watch them open and close if you get them wet and then let them dry.

  7. julie rowan zoch

    Sappy socks, huh? I can picture the funny dance with that! Cute idea, Hannah.

  8. Susanna Leonard Hill

    So cute, Hannah! I love these little guys! I may also be in danger of lawn gnome collecting :)

  9. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    My little sister collects the pine-cones off the yard of a neighbor. She hasn’t used them yet, but when I show her this… 😉