Mar 22

Egg Knocking and Lamb Cake

by Hannah Holt »


Easter is an important holiday for our family. We like to keep it simple but significant.

But we also like to have fun. We’ve developed a few kids friendly traditions that remind us of the reason for the season.

The first tradition is egg knocking.

egg knocking

My husband first learned this game while serving a mission in Bulgaria. We play it by giving each Easter dinner guest a red hard-boiled egg. The first player says, “He is risen!” To which the second replies, “Yea, verily He is risen!”

Then the two players knock eggs. Only one of the eggs will break. The player with the unbroken egg continues around the table until only one person is left with an unbroken egg.

red egg

The last person with the unbroken egg gets the honor of serving up our second Easter tradition– Lamb Cake!

Lamb cake

There a little bit of skill and luck involved in winning the egg knocking contest. One year my 28 year-old brother won the prize and the next my three-year-old son won. My three-year-old loooved serving the cake!


  • two frozen rectangular pound cakes*
  • one unfrosted cupcake
  • butter cream frosting
  • a bag of miniature marshmallows
  • 2 jumbo marshmallow
  • 2 M&Ms (for the eyes)
  • rope licorice (for the mouth)
  • colored sprinkles (for the ears and nose)

Lamb cake instructions


*Family-sized pound cake rectangles are available at many stores. If you can’t find them, you can do what I do and bake pound cake in two large bread loaf pans. You need an extra cupcake anyway and baking your own cakes means you can pour the extra batter into cupcakes. BTW, It has to be pound cake, not white cake or chocolate cake, because only pound cake has the structural integrity to make a cake like this (with the odd overhanging piece).

Happy Easter!


  1. Tina Cho

    Thanks for sharing your Easter traditions, Hannah! The game looks fun. I’ll have to try that. And the cake is very cute!

  2. Catherine Johnson

    What a fun Easter tradition, Hannah. That lamb cake is adorable. Kids love cracking eggs!

  3. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Great! I hope the eggs are hard boiled… 😉

  4. julie rowan zoch

    Friends of mine were in Bulgaria for 5 yrs with Peace Corps and introduced us to Martinitsa. I wonder if they know the egg knocking game too. In any case I’d like to introduce the game this year – thanks , Hannah!

  5. Cathy Mealey

    Lamb cake is one of our traditions as well!

    My husband’s aunt had a special lamb cake pan/mold that she used. This could be our new tradition, using this method! We found that they don’t transport well :-

  6. Joanna

    I don’t know either of these traditions and love both. I love learning traditions from other cultures. I spent two fabulous weeks hiking in the Bulgarian mountains a few summers ago.

  7. Susanna Leonard Hill

    I had never heard of either of these, Hannah – thanks so much for sharing your family traditions and teaching me something. The eggs I think I could manage, but the cake is probably out of my artistic league… though I’d be happy to help eat it :)

  8. Renae W. Mackley

    Great traditions! I’m going to pick up the egg knocking one and opt for another dessert. Too many marshmallows! But it looks cute. Thanks for the ideas.