Feb 26

Boy Paper Dolls

by Hannah Holt »


A while ago a fan suggested I make some boy paper dolls. I thought, What a great idea!

I have other paper dolls and all the dolls have interchangeable accessories. So if you want more career choices for any character, click over to this list of paper dolls.

If you want to know why I started making paper dolls in the first place, you can read the background post.

But for now, here are the guys!

We have Steve and Matt the preschool teachers:

Preschool Teacher Paper Doll  Preschool Teacher Paper Doll bw

Adam is loving life as a stay-at-home-dad:

Stay at home Dad paper doll  Stay at Home Dad paper doll bw

Finally, we have Sean the pediatric nurse:

Nurse Paper Doll  Nurse Paper Doll Coloring bw

I made pdfs for these, but uploading all the files was making me cross-eyed. You should be able to click on the pictures and access a letter sized image (300 dpi printing quality). If you have any trouble let me know, and maybe I’ll put the pdfs up later.

In the mean time, I’ll keep more dolls coming. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Joanna

    I LOVE this. I would so have played with these boy dolls as a kid. I like the trip to the aquarium.

    • Hannah Holt

      Thanks, Joanna. Field trips are the best.

  2. Stacy S. Jensen

    These are great Hannah.

  3. Catherine Johnson

    Very cool!

    • Hannah Holt

      You are cool. :) Thanks, Catherine.

  4. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Well done! I love them!

  5. Carrie F

    I love these Hannah! The physician’s assistant in our pediatrician’s office is a really cool guy who looks just like Sean! I’ll have to show these to my kids.

    • Hannah Holt

      What a neat coincidence! How fun.

  6. Tina Cho

    Very neat boy dolls, Hannah! I hope you hear from a publisher on your paper dolls. And I loved that DUCK book you wrote. So cute!

  7. Angel

    I LOVE these – thank you so much!