Dec 18

Feelings Coloring Pages

by Hannah Holt »


Feelings have been on my mind this weekend. My heart goes out to those in the Newton, Connecticut community. The events from this weekend make me feel heartsick.

When my seven-year-old got off the school bus today, the shooting was the first thing he wanted to talk about. He’s taking it well, but I’m making an extra effort to keep the lines of communication open.

If your child is worried or if he or she just wants to talk about feelings, I put together a few coloring pages:

You can click here for the pdf version of the coloring book or below for the individual jpgs.


I patterned the pages in this coloring book after the different stages of grief.

I also created several “fill in your own feelings” pages:

Here are a few additional resources for helping children through difficult times:

Wherever you are and whatever you are facing, I hope these pages help your children explore their feelings in a safe and nurturing way.

  1. Kathy Albert

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for this beautiful resource! I am a school counselor and will definitely be using this!

  2. Hannah Holt

    Thank you, Kathy. I’m so glad you can use it.

  3. Erik - This Kid Reviews Books

    Good idea! :)

  4. Renae W. Mackley

    A touching idea, Hannah. And nicely done.

  5. Rebecca

    Thanks AGAIN, Hannah! What a wonderful resource. I’ll be sharing it on my blog. You are so generous with your talents and you have already helped this school counselor (and others) support their students’ learning and growth. :)


    • Hannah Holt

      Thank you for the great resources on your site, Rebecca. I enjoy reading them.