May 17

Spot The Difference

by Hannah Holt »


This visual exercise helps kids ages 4-7 learn about same and different.

For a similar activity using touch instead of sight, click here.

Essential Vocabulary:

Same, Different, Both

Helpful Vocabulary:

  • Comparative adjectives (smaller, bigger, lighter, darker)
  • Colors (red, blue, yellow…)
  • Shapes (square, rectangle, circle, star…)
  • Counting (1-10)

The Game:

Below you will find 10 pictures. Each picture has two objects. In some ways the objects are the same, and in other ways they are different. Name at least one similarity and one difference for each pictured pair.

Extension Activity:

Have older children name more than one similarity and difference.

The Pictures

And here’s a letter sized printable jpeg of all the pictures (left click once, then right click to save the full sized file).

  1. grandma weight

    #10 is a hard one. Are they identical or not? Cute activity!!

  2. Mom Holt

    I had trouble with Number Ten too!

  3. Tara Oliver

    Very cute, Hannah!

  4. Erik -This Kid Reviews Books

    I love games like this! YOur pictures are nice and colorful :)

  5. Hannah Holt

    I’m leaning towards identical with the twins. Of course, there are still differences in #10.

    Erik and Tara, thanks for stopping by. Your comments made me smile.