May 09

Mother’s Day Finger Art

by Hannah Holt »


First, a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to enter the Mother’s Day Photo Caption Contest.

Second, here are two finger painting projects with Mom’s special day in mind.

What you’ll need (for both):

  • Paint (we used acrylic)
  • Paper

Project #1: Spell “Mom” with your fingers.

Kirsten over at Creating Curious Kids reminded me last week that “Mom” upside down is “Wow.” You could also do “Wow, Mom!” with this project.

Project #2: Heart Hands

Cover the fronts of both hands with paint. Then touch index fingers together as well as thumbs and press to paper to form this heart.

I added a heart with the word Mom to our project, but what else could you do?

Note: I tried this project with a four-year-old and a fifteen-month-old. While I managed with the toddler, I recommend this project for preschool age children and older. Here’s project #1 by the toddler:

  1. Susanna Leonard Hill

    So sweet! There really is nothing like those little handprints!

  2. Stacy S. Jensen

    So cute.

  3. Erik -This Kid Reviews Books

    I like the heart one :)

  4. Hannah Holt

    Thanks Susanna and Erik!