Apr 24


by Hannah Holt »


It’s a game. It’s a snack… It’s SUPER food.

What you’ll need:

  • Four thin carrot sticks
  • Six grape tomatoes
  • Six small broccoli trees
  • Two players
  • Dipping sauce (optional)

Step 1) Lay the carrot sticks in a tic-tac-toe grid.

Step 2) Choose your playing pieces (tomato or broccoli).

Step 3) Take turns placing veggie pieces in the squares until someone has three in a row (or you tie).

Step 4)  Eat the game pieces and tic-tac-toe grid.

  1. Catherine Johnson

    That is fantastic! I can’t wait to try it.

  2. grandma weight

    Wat to eat your veggies G! Cute idea!

  3. Joanna

    Love the combination of YUM+FUN! A winner!

  4. Susanna Leonard Hill

    What fun! And how nutritious! And your title sounds like a picture book :)

  5. Erik -This Kid Reviews Books

    What a cool idea! :)