Mar 20

DIY: Chunky Crayons

by Hannah Holt »


If your craft drawer is anything like mine, you probably have a million crayon nubs. Here’s a way to reuse all those broken off bits by turning them into chunky crayons.

What you’ll need:

  • broken crayon bits
  • a junky, old muffin tin you DO NOT care about or a disposable pan (your muffin tin will never be the same again after this project)
  • non-stick spray

Step 1: Have the kids remove the wrappers from the crayons and sort them into color groupings.

Step2: Coat each muffin tin with non-stick spray and add the crayons by color grouping: warm and cool colors, patriotic groupings, holiday colors… whatever you want. (We did a mix of colors in each tin.)

Step 3: Place in an oven preheated to 275° F for about 10 minutes (until the crayons are melted). Some people take them out and swirl the colors, but we just let them sit and set afterwards.

Step 4: Sometimes a layer of clear-(ish) wax will rise to the top of the final chunky crayons. This is especially true if the crayons you used were cheap and waxy to begin with. You can scrape this layer off with a knife or use it as a clear prelayer when painting with water colors.

My kids love their chunky crayons. I hope yours do, too!

  1. Kirsten

    What fun! It would make a good Earth Day craft: reuse, recycle!

  2. Susanna Leonard Hill

    Alas, our crayon days are limited, due to homework and being away at college and things, but this looks like fun! :)

  3. Stacy S. Jensen

    Fun activity and a great use for that scratched up pan.

  4. Erik -This Kid Reviews Books

    This is fun! We have done it at home!

  5. Heather

    We’ve done this one, too. It’s fun to see how the colors end up mixing in the final crayon!

  6. Joanna

    I do not have crayons at home… Mmmm I wonder if I can ask for cast-offs from our kindergarten!! This looks such fun! I love any recycling projects.

  7. Catherine Johnson

    What a great idea! I bet I’d burn the oven though. I’ll start rounding up the broken crayons.

  8. Hannah Holt

    Thanks. My kids had a lot of fun with this activity. I wanted to wait for earth day but moving madness hit. I’m a little off schedule.

    Catherine, watch those cookies… I mean crayons. :)

  9. Nadia

    This is an amazing idea! I love it.

  10. Hannah Holt

    So I tried this again using 100% Crayola crayons and didn’t have a waxy layer after baking. Also I used a new muffin pan and was able to remove all the wax after baking. The first time I used an old rusty pan and the wax from the crayons really stuck to the rusty spots.