Feb 06

Homemade Valentines

by Hannah Holt »


Here are six simple Valentine’s Day cards you can make at home. Click the first image (twice) for a printable 8.5×11 jpeg or select the images below to enlarge each individually.

Click the thumbnails twice to enlarge:


  1. grandma weight

    I recognize those funny pom poms!! So glad they got put to good use!
    Darling Valentines!!

  2. Eric VanRaepenbusch

    Homemade Valentine’s are the way to go! My kids love making them. This year my daughter is including Knock Knock jokes in the one’s she making for her classmates.’

    Love these examples – My favorite would be the Warm fuzzy to you! I love that story — my elementary principal read it to the whole school her first year on the job.

  3. Hannah Holt

    Knock knock jokes? What a great idea! She must be putting a lot of work into her Valentines. I love kids’ jokes, especially the ones without a real punchline.

  4. Stacy S. Jensen

    Neat ideas. I was wondering if we should venture into a project this year — not yet two. I’m sure we’ll figure out something fun to do. I love the knock knock jokes idea too.

  5. Angela Peña Dahle

    I love these Valentines! So adorable! Thanks for the ideas! I definitely have to do one with the kiddos!

  6. Hannah Holt

    Stacy, two might be a bit young for these crafts, but toddlers can do potato stamps: http://www.lightbulbbooks.com/blog/2011/09/potato-stamps/ or handprint Valentines. Have a great Valentines.

    Angela, thanks for stopping by. Have fun with the crafts… Ps- the yarn maze is my favorite.

  7. Rena J. Traxel

    Cute. My favourite is the “you a-maze me”.