Dec 21

Joy in the World

by Hannah Holt »


The day-to-day demands of mothering can be wearying. And this year was a doozy.

One night last spring I sat at my computer searching in frustration for “how long before you don’t need to burp babies anymore” when I came across a mother’s chat board. There were some helpful tips. However, one commenter (happymother214) posted:

Don’t worry about how long you need to burp your baby? Just enjoy this time with your little one. It goes so fast.

Enjoy the moment? Six hours of sleep and showering were the miracles I prayed for daily. I shook my fist at the computer screen.

Yet strangely enough, this year has passed quickly. My babies no longer need me to burp them (although I feel no nostalgia about that). Any day now they will start walking. Soon they’ll pass the threshold from baby to toddler.

So now that I can breath again. Now that I CAN take time to enjoy moments with my children, I put together a short video diary of some of the simple things we do each day:

This Christmas I’m grateful for many things: sleep, showers, the occasional date with my husband… But most importantly I’m grateful for joy: having it, sharing it, and feeling God work in my life.

  1. Julie Hedlund

    Those early days are difficult, and yet the do go by fast. The minutes are an eternity and the months but a moment.

    Mine are now 8 and 5 (soon to be 9 and 6). My oldest doesn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, and sometimes I look at her and can’t believe she isn’t still a baby. :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hannah

    Merry Christmas to you too Julie!

  3. Susanna Leonard Hill

    Your life looks very happy and peaceful! I’m sure there are moments when it seems less so, but Julie is right, it goes by so fast. I’ve got one in college now and it seems like yesterday when I was worrying about burping :)