Dec 26

DIY Electric Guitar Onesies

by Hannah Holt »


Perfect for the expectant mother or little rock star in your life

What you’ll need:

  • white onesie (size 6-12 m)
  • 8.5″x11″ sized iron-on transfer paper
  • pick a pattern Black or Red
  • an ink jet printer

Step 1) Pre-wash and dry the onesie.

Step 2) Download a pattern by clicking Red or Black (400 kB jpeg) and save it to your computer. Then print the pattern onto the transfer paper. (The printed pattern will be a mirror image of the final result. After step 3 the image will be reversed.)

Step 3) Follow the directions included with the transfer paper you selected, but here is the general process:

  • Cut around the pattern on the transfer paper, leaving 1/4 inch margins. Round all corners as sharp edges might peel later.
  • Place the pattern face down onto the onesie. Be sure to smooth any wrinkles.
  • Using a preheated iron (cotton high setting without steam), make small overlapping circles over the pattern. Press hard. The entire process will take a few minutes.
  • Remove the backside of the transfer paper and the pattern will remain.

Rock on!!!

Are you an iron-on maven? Please tell us your tips.

  1. Tara Oliver

    so cute!!

  2. Hannah

    Thanks T! :)

  3. grandma weight

    Fun and the photos made me laugh!

  4. Joanna

    Love the personalized onesies!

  5. Susanna Leonard Hill

    I love these! I wish I’d had this pattern when my kids were little enough for onesies! Ours is a house FULL of music. My husband is a singer/songwriter with a band, and all our kids play multiple instruments and sing. These would have been perfect :)