Oct 18

Webby Spiders

by Hannah Holt »

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A yarn-ball web forms the base for these freakishly fun spiders.

What you’ll need:

  • black or purple yarn
  • glue*
  • balloons
  • pipe cleaners (4)
  • wiggly eyes (2-8)
  • wire cutters (optional)

*craft glue has a nicer finish, but school glue also works

Step 1: Inflate a balloon. (Small is better, especially for little people. I recommend five inches across or less.)

Step 2: Thin the glue by adding water– two parts glue, one part water.

Step 3: Cut a long strand of yarn and coat with the glue mixture. Be sure to leave one end of the yarn out of the bowl. Otherwise finding an end later is a nightmare.

Step 4: Squeeze off the excess glue. The yarn should be slightly damp, not dripping.

Step 5: Wrap the yarn around the balloon. Anyway you wrap is fine as long as most of the balloon is covered. If the yarn string runs out too early, just tuck the end and start another strand (steps 3-4).

Let the balloon balls dry overnight.

Step 6: When the glue is finished drying, pop and remove the balloon.

Step 7: Thread the pipe cleaners through the yarn balls to form the spiders legs like this:

For smaller spiders, cut the pipe cleaners in half with the wire cutters to make shorter legs.

Step 8: Add a dab of glue to the wiggly eyes. Press them into the yarn balls and hold for 20 seconds.

Haunt your house with these little critters…

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