Oct 25


by Hannah Holt »

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Easier than carving pumpkins, these simple bag lanterns will light up your Halloween.

What you’ll need:

  • brown paper bag
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • LED tea light
  • tissue paper (optional)

Step 1: Draw a face on the paper bag. Basic shapes are easier to cut with scissors. (An X-acto knife can make more elaborate designs.)

Step 2: Cut out the shapes of the face.

Step 3 (optional): Cut a rectangle out of the tissue paper and glue it inside the bag (such that all the shapes of the face are covered).

Step 4: Turn on the tea light and place it in the bag.

Detailed Shapes (X-acto knife example)

Lay the bag flat on a table and place a piece of cardboard in the middle. Cut around this pattern…

The cutout will look like this (green paper used to highlight design better)…

Place the tea light in the bag. Ta da!

  1. grandma weight

    now that is fun!!