Dec 09


by Hannah Holt »

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Today I had one of those nice round numbered birthdays. The passing of another decade makes me thankful…

for freckled skin,

Milan, Berlin,

Off Broadway plays,

warm summer days,

the leaves in fall,

old music halls,

shared wordless looks,

tall stacks of books,

the one who left,

the treble cleft,

dancing alone,

the telephone,

my family,

a framed degree,

my first career,

that crazy year,

“and. oh. my. gosh!

that. guy. named. Josh!”

our wedding bells,

low priced motels,

soft baby’s breath,

comfort at death,

Josh graduates,

our clan moves states,

the nurse says “TWINS,”

my husband grins.

My birthday wish-

more days like this.

  1. Grandpa Wayne

    This poem sheds light on your entire existence as long as I have known you! So few words, and yet, such a great picture created in my mind! Keep up your talented creations!