Dec 20

The Future of Printed Books

by Hannah Holt »

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Last week for my birthday, I received a secondhand cookbook. Inside this cookbook, I discovered handwritten notes from my late grandmother.

Now I love cooking, and I loved my grandmother. So this gift was double bonus.

This exchange reminded me of why printed books will never completely go the way of the eight-track.

Now I am sure the market for digital books will continue to grow, and younger and younger children will become comfortable with computers and e-readers. However, there is something irreplaceable about tangible books. The smell. The feel. The marginalia.

Also, as long as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting screen time for children, some parents will continue to prefer books to computers, games, TV shows, and movies.

Of course, the most influential reason printed books will or will not continue to sell depends on the behavior of parents. As long as children see their parents curling up with printed books, I have no doubt the following will continue to be seen in houses across America:

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