Oct 27

Things That Scare Me

by Hannah Holt »

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1) Spiders. Eww. Just eww.

2) People who text and drive. You know who you are. I’ve seen you driving down the road taking up one-and-a-half lanes. Big foot is a fluffy kitten compared to you.

3) Typos. I hate those sneaky devils.

4) Artificial sweeteners. This isn’t a rational fear. I think it stems from my general paranoia about things that promise to give you something for nothing. Besides, all my pregnancy books say to stay away from them. If they aren’t good for baby, can they really be good for me?

5) Twins. Speaking of pregnancy, have I mentioned that I’m expecting twins? I alternate between feeling elated and totally freaked out.

One fun thing about expecting around Halloween is all the fun costume options: penguin, prom queen, watermelon… However, one prego-costume is sure to strike fear in the older trick-or-treater crowd; it is the sometimes scary and tragically misunderstood semicolon.

What are you doing for Halloween this year?

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