Sep 01

Writing a Picture Book

by Hannah Holt »


Whew! Post #1. I’ll begin with a few quick rules of thumb I try to follow when making picture books.

  1. Write about things children care about/can understand
  2. Keep it short (under 500 words)
  3. Keep the story moving
  4. Choose the right words
  5. When writer’s block strikes… eat chocolate.

Hope you enjoy the new site!

  1. Josh

    True, writer’s block is delicious. And the more the better.

  2. Mom Holt

    Finally…..a place to send my friends to see and read your books. I love the design and I love your books. thank you for providing this site for us all!

  3. Hannah

    Josh: Mmmm… chocolate.

    Mom Holt: I should be the one thanking you! You are the best.

  4. A'ra Blair

    Nice site, Hannah, congrats.