Sep 08

New to the bookshelf

by Hannah Holt »


Summary: The sun comes out in early spring. Now watch carefully because the world is about to change.

Come check out the latest addition to the free reading library.

  1. Julie

    Wow – your website is so amazing. I love getting an inside peek at how illustrations are made, especially since I am not an illustrator myself.

    Great to catch up with you at the conference this weekend, and now I’ve found your blog too!

  2. Hannah

    Yes, I’m glad we met up again. Best wishes with your writing!

  3. Marzee

    I’m so impressed! The website is beautiful. Way to go Josh and team! Really – congratulations. This is such a big step. You’re amazing. Thank you for being the inspiring talent that you are.

  4. Hannah

    Thanks Marz!