Sep 08

Creating an illustration

by Hannah Holt »

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Step 1) Make rough thumbnail sketches for every page.

Step 2) Sketch the full size pages.

Step 3) If necessary, change the perspective of the drawing and add details.

Step 4) Paint.

Step 5) If I’m having trouble with a subject, I might create a clay model.

Step 6) Put on the finishing touches and remove any smudges/imperfections.

You might have noticed that most of the books in the free reading library stop after Step 3. Steps 4-6 take A LOT of time and require a significant investment of energy and resources. A book at Stage 3 of development is often referred to as a “dummy book.” A dummy book is essentially a sketch book of the future completed book.

Just for kicks, here’s an example of what a finished Ziggermajig “might” look like:

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